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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings - Metal Warehouses

Miller’s Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings – Metal Warehouses
The most efficient building solution for your new steel warehouse project.

Miller’s pre engineered warehouses provide a low cost solution for any industrial or commercial project. Miller’s pre-engineered steel structure design team uses a computer aided design (CAD) program that utilizes the most efficient prefabricated steel frames for your metal warehouse project. Pre-engineered steel buildings can be designed to allow for additional equipment like cranes, fire suppression systems, solar equipment, or HVAC equipment.

Pre engineered steel buildings have several advantages over pole barn or “stick-built” structures. Miller’s Rigid Frame Buildings withstand wind, rain, snow, termites, mold and are non-combustible. If you are interested in the Green Building benefits, Miller builds metal warehouses that contain about 35% recycled materials, are 100% recyclable, we offer any thickness insulation and reflective roofing systems.

Miller’s prefabricated steel building frames come with pre-welded clips, reducing field installation time. If your construction schedule is a factor, Rigid Frame Buildings can help make up for lost time by providing steel warehouses, quickly, during any season of the year. Commercial and industrial metal warehouses by Miller Buildings are efficiently shipped from several locations around the United States. Miller’s industrial metal buildings can be installed by the buyer, or we can install your steel warehouse with a certified Miller crew, offering a 5 year warranty on the installation of your new Rigid Frame Building.

Every Miller Building is custom designed for the exact location where it will be installed, taking into consideration your site specific (snow/wind/seismic) design loads. Be very cautious of metal building manufacturers that offer, left over metal buildings or surplus steel structures, or cancelled steel building orders, all projects that require permits will require sealed engineered drawings, that show the exact design loads for your area, it can be a very expensive mistake to order a pre-engineered metal building from a metal building manufacturer that won’t include engineered drawings.

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